Green City Project - Füzesabony City Center

The aim of the Green City Project is to rehabilitate the city center of Füzesabony. During the planning, we explored the problems and offered suggestions for their solution. The main elements of the project focus on infrastructural developments. The rainwater network strengthened with landscape architectural tools and the solutions in traffic organisation were ment to change the image of the city in order to reflect the urban character. An important element of this is the arrangement of pathways, the enhancement of parks and vegetation, and the articulation of urban public spaces. In this way, three public zones have emerged that play an important role in the life of a city, both functionally and in terms of landscape architecture. The event space, which is suitable for organising city events, is framed with a protective roof and connected to Rákóczi street. In the bus-turn, which is of special importance as a transport hub, a bus waiting building will be built, which will serve the convenience of passengers, and in connection with this, the traffic problems of the buses had to be solved. The third location is the outdoor location of the market, which can be realized on a tidy surface and under a covered-open roof. An orderly parking lot will also be built to solve the parking problems related to the market. In all project elements, the increase of green spaces and the development of related utilities were of key importance.

Location: Füzesabony, Hungary                                                               
Function: public place rehabilitation, bus station, marketplace, event place 
Phase: binding building permit, construction document
Type: TOP
Client: Urban PM Kft., Local Government of Füzesabony 
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio 
Project Architects: Zoltán Király, Flóra Kőszeghy, Lóránt Perényi, János Tiba
Design Team: Csenge Lánszki, Viktor Kékesi
Design: 2016-2019