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​TIBA Architects Studio - established in 2005 - is providing comprehensive architectural and engineering services. Besides high design ambitions, a professional management structure supports the business strategy of each project.  Our creative and dynamic professionals with international working experiences bring success to projects ranging both in scale and in function. Apart from Hungary we have designed and completed projects in several European countries including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Cyprus, etc.

Beyond sensitive response to design challenges, the strength of TIBA lies in a professional approach, constructive problem-solving ability, and personalized services. TIBA’s focus increasingly turns to sustainable design using low-emission and energy-efficient technologies, as well as the use of renewable energy or documentation for international qualification systems.

The scale of our work is diverse, our completed buildings are determinant elements of the built environment. The international experience, mindset, and methods of our team create value-creating spaces for both users and observers. Our portfolio includes prominent office buildings, hotels, and monument reconstructions. The common point of the works is the unified design concept, which in each case fits organically into the given task and gives an architectural answer after a comprehensive problem-solving process. A balance of functionality and design is created in collaboration with outstanding architects in the Studio.



Viktória Ladányi
Managing Partner
Zoltán Király
Managing Partner - Leader Designer
Balázs Beczner
Architect Designer, Leading Engineering Designer
Zoltán Bozsik
Project Architect
Zsófia Buzder-Lantos
Project Architect
Fruzsina Czibulyás
Architect Designer
Zita Csányi
Architect Designer
Diána Csépányi
Architect Designer
Mónika Darida
Architect Designer
Gabriella Elekes
Architect Designer
Mariann Gaál
Architect Designer
Edit Godinek
Architect Designer
Veronika Hajas
Architect Designer
Roxána Haraszti
Architect Designer
Viktória Honti
Project Architect
Zsófia Jakó-Andrejkó
Architect Designer
Norman Kakas
Architect Designer
Dániel Kócsó
Architect Designer, BIM Specialist
Áron Laczka
Architect Designer
Lourdes Marcano
Architect Designer
Anita Mester
Architect Designer, BIM Manager
Zsófia Miklós
Architect Designer
Kíra Miljanovits
Architect Designer
Boglárka Móring
Architect Intern
Tamás Niczki
DLA, LEED AP, Project Architect
Máté Novák
Architect Designer
Marcell Reviczky
Architect Intern
Klára Rusznák
Project Manager
Eszter Schmolczer
Project Manager
Georgina Szenes
Architect Designer
Dávid Szmetana
Architect Designer
Gabriella Szőke
Office Manager
Tünde Tóth
Architect Designer
Zoltán Virágh
Architect Designer

János Tiba

JÁNOS TIBA 1971–2016

“I believe we complete our buildings through design and innovation: we create a new language from the inspiration sourcing from their environment, and as an added value, we create a new context for the users. Meeting the changing challenges of today’s architecture based on cost efficiency, usability and sustainability is a natural part of our daily work.”


János Tiba, the founder of the Studio, was graduated in 1996 from the Faculty of Architecture of the Budapest University of Technology. As a young, talented professional, he had the chance to do internships in reputable international offices. In addition to Hungary, he has worked in several European countries in the team of Erick van Egeraat. He headed the Budapest office of the well-known Dutch architect between 1999 and 2005. In 2005, he founded his professional workshop, the Tiba Architect Studio, which has since become one of the leading architect studios in the country, and also abroad. With his death, we became poorer with an exceptionally creative engineer and artist who considered architecture as an applied science at the same time. In addition to formal aspects, he considered sustainable technologies to be a significant value in his work. The energy efficiency of the buildings he designs and the use of renewable resources are also proven by international certificates.

Several iconic buildings, designs, and recognitions are personally tied to his name and the Tiba Architect Studio both in Hungary and abroad. Without aiming to give an exhaustive list, these are the numerous award-winning Paris Department Stores on Andrássy Avenue, the plans for the construction and residential buildings of the new district, and artificial island in Paphos (Cyprus), and the blocks of the Vaci Greens. The new headquarters of Magyar Telekom and T-Systems is the last building where János was listed as a lead designer but tragically couldn’t experience the realization. Among his previous works, we could mention the ING headquarters on Dózsa György út listed on the Egeraat office, or the design of the Villa Bianca residential complex in Prague. He has worked together with numerous domestic and international real estate developers.

As the head of the Studio, János worked with professionally recognized colleagues with international experience, and sought out and taught young talents, who still creating architect art according to his spirit. Upon his confession, he was truly inspired by the dynamic development of the office he ran and the intellectual conglomerate with his colleagues. What also gave him great strength is that he was able to stand up and start again after great difficulties. The Studio - according to his request - operates according to the values and standards established by him. János' vocation and approach are also an important part of the operation of our office today, the preservation of his intellectual heritage is ensured by the team he has built.




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