Podmaniczky Offices

In connection with the refurbishment and complete functional conversation of the Nyugati railway station, the possibility arose to cover the tracks between the main station hall - designed by the Eiffel Office - and the Ferdinánd bridge. in order to create an elevated urban park and a new development area next to the track.

We proposed a masterplan for this revitalization program.

The elevated urban park and promenade above the tracks would create exciting sports and recreation outdoor spaces and facalities between the Westend shopping mall block and the newly built office district planned along Podmaniczky Street. The urban park is defined by the dynamic lines and shaping of the alternating green and paved surfaces.
The office building development proposed for the disused rust zone of the railway industrial area can be accessed by car from Podmaniczky Street.

The pedestrian axis between the office blocks connects the inner courtyards of the buildings, and with its paved walkways, it creates urban public spaces and connections starting from the Nagykörút and the Eiffel Square.

The masterplan and the layout of the office buildings are contemporary references to the fabric of the surrounding urban courtyard residential buildings.

The street wall of Podmaniczky Street, created with a higher and larger mass formation, is united by an integrated facade design. This is characterized by large openings, passageways, and cantilevered building parts.

Location:: Budapest, VI. district
Function: master plan, office
Phase: concept design
Type: commission
Client: Magyar Nemzeti Vagyonkezelő Zrt.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architect: János Tiba 
Architects: Zoltán Bozsik, Zsófia Buzder-Lantos, Barna Csikai, Vikltória Honti, Melinda Matúz, Mária Mészáros, Flóra Kőszeghy
Design: 2014
Site: 4,2 ha
Gross floor area: 180 000 m2