Thomas Mann Gymnasium – German School of Budapest

The final form of the expansion related to existing buildings of the Thomas Mann Gymnasium - Budapest German School was clearly defined by the transformation of the principles: adaptation to the existing state and environment, more intimate, sensitive relationship with the garden, creation of new community spaces, sensitive mass design, creation of new experiences. 

During the implementation of the program, we took into account the existing buildings and their usage and aspired to minimize the changes in these areas during the expansion. Care was taken not to overload the densely built-up part in the southern, south-western part of the area, to avoid changes and to ensure the smooth accessibility and use of the existing parts. It was important to protect and emphasize the existing environment and natural values, to involve them directly in the life of the school, and to establish an as direct connection as possible with the mountainside and its wildlife. 

The planned expansion takes into account the integrity of the trees in the forest as much as possible, striving to cut as few trees as possible. The entire roof surface of the building - which is built below the ground level - is used as a walkable terrace or intense green area with functions. The green promenade running along the edge also serves as an educational trail, while a wonderful panorama unfolds from its distinguished points. In the inner, protected yard of the arched installation, communal functions can be found (play equipment, communal furniture, social spots).

Location:: Budapest, XII. district
Function: education
Phase: concept design
Type: invited competition
Client:  Thomas Mann Gymnasium – Budapesti Német Iskola
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architect: Lóránt Perényi
Architects: Zoltán Bozsik, Adrienn Deák
Design: 2015
Site: 3.6 ha
Gross floor area: 5 900 m2