N9 Premium Apartments

The planned VI. district residential building renovation and additional storey is located in the World Heritage Site of Budapest, near Andrássy út. The oldest parts of the building: the cellar, ground floor, 1-2. floors was built in 1886. Two more levels were built for this in 1967 when it was converted from a residential building to an office building.

During the planned renovation, above the ground floor café and shops, the building will get back the original function, with high-quality apartments.

During the renovation, the existing façade openings and decorations will be retained up to the 2nd floor. The large glass, arched portals on the ground floor will give an elegant look to the café, shops and the entrance to the residential building. The entrance to the house opens from the passage from the street to the inner garden, with reception service and storage in the basement.

The façade appearance of the previous two additional storey superstructure is also adapted to the old building with streaked plaster decoration and the rhythm of the windows. During the renovation, the 4th-floor windows will appear as a French balcony on the entire façade, with a two-storey conservatory behind the façade on the shorter side of the building. The connected flats will also become two-storey on the existing 3rd to 4th floors and the planned 5th to 6th floors. This also creates interesting spatial and visual connections in the interiors.

Design of the additional storey: upwards continuation of the wall bodies of the existing building, their inversion to the sloping roof plane. When turning to the roof plane, there is usually air space or interior space under the roof in the interior as well. The strips covered with sheet metal enclose glass surfaces. From the street facades, the roof ridge also serves as a parapet at the level of the roof terrace, which can be accessed from the internal stairs of the apartments. There is a laminar terrace shade, 3 meters back from the roof ridges. This continues the paving strips that turn from the direction of the inner courtyard over the roof terrace. Appears uniformly in top view. The terrace parts belonging to the two upper flats are separated by a prominent plant strip, which ensures the intimacy of the terraces with openness to the wonderful city panorama.

Location: Budapest, VI. district, Hungary
Function: residential
Phase: implementation plan
Type: commission
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio  
Project Architects: Zsófia Buzder-Lantos, Zoltán Király
Design team: Csaba Czégeni, Csongor Hajdú, Ágnes Jobbágy, Zoltán Kalászi 
Design: 2018-2019
Gross floor area: 2770 m2