Media Center Office Building

Architectural concept:
The architectural concept is built on alternative responses to the industrial environment, spatial conditions and economy. The building is made up of simple elements, yet the juxtaposition of different layers of information creates an easy-to-build, yet complex, office building with an identity that can become a defining, popular element of its environment.

The building looks like a colorful, floating plate. The large floor space allows for a horizontal layout and therefore efficient office organization. For better illumination of deep-depth office spaces, the plate was perforated with internal atriums. The narrowest space ratio of the floating atriums is nearly square, which allows a lot of light into the deeper areas as well.
The placement of the atriums optimally maintains the depth of the office space served by one-sided lighting. We minimized sub-ground work as a key element in the construction of the building.

The facade of the building is built from industrial solutions in line with its environment. Windows of standard design and size optimize construction and manufacturing. The colors are held together by a perforated steel mesh running around the facade. Due to the distance between the two layers, the colors soften, the boundaries of the panels blur, and a dynamic façade surface with a constantly changing appearance changes under the light conditions. The mesh is made with two perforations of different sizes, which together with the changing light conditions further increase the architectural complexity - building on simple, economical elements. The net is also used for shading.

The building is served by four circulation cores, around which three office units can be organized per level. The four circulation cores also mean four separate expansion units along which helps to schedule the construction. On the ground floor, the reception areas arranged around the cores are made of brightly colored polycarbonate cladding, giving each part of the building an independent identity.

Each of the entrances, placed on an extra half level, is connected to atriums that animate the entrance with natural light. In the environment, guest car parks and bamboo groves alternate, thus making the upper level useful and at the same time representative.

The premises related to the operation of the building and the building engineering are located on the roof.


Location:: Budapest
Function: office
Phase: concept design
Type: invoted competition
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project Architect: János Tiba 
Architects: Zoltán Beszeda, Gergely Kovács
Design: 2008
Gross floor area: 27 000 m2