Harmincad street project

The historical building was built in 1914 by the „Hungarian” Inland Bank, according to Károly Rainer's neo-classicist design. Hungarian Inland Bank (Hazai bank: „HB”) inscription was applied on a number of points on the building with a stylized tulip motif characterizing the Hungarian architecture of the turn of the century. The bank used its headquarters for three decades until the post-World War II. nationalization. The British Embassy took and well preserved the place from 1948 to 2017. The plot is located within the Buffer Zone of UNESCO World Heritage site of Budapest.
After the Embassy has moved out, our Client intended to refurbish and develop the building as the „gemstone” of his portfolio, therefore launched an invented competition. 
The mixed-function development program contains:
  • Commercial and Hospitality functions on the Ground Floor, including Harmincad Street public areas as outdoor terraces
  • Flexible office spaces on upper floor levels for single- or multi-tenant use
  • Premium downtown apartments on Rooftop level and a Skybar
The original undulating skylight made of bevelled glass panes over the ground floor Treasury Hall is the main feature of the historical building. As a key element, this fundamentally determines the architectural language of the development proposal.
Location:: Budapest, V. district
Function: office, retail, residential
Phase: concept design
Type: invited competition
Client: CD Hungary Zrt.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architect: Zoltán Bozsik
Architects: Márk Havanecz, Csenge Lánszki, Pedro Puskás 
Design: 2017
Gross floor area: 7 800 m2