Eötvös 12 Villa Park

The Eötvös 12 Villa Park is a unique premium investment in the XII. district. According to the plans, with the renovation of the Svábhegyi Sanatorium – which is registered as a local monument - and the six new villa buildings to be built around it, we will create a total of 107 luxury apartments, from which a breathtaking panorama of the city will open up. We won the commission after participating in an invited competition, where the investor chose our concept out of well-known Hungarian and international architectural firms.

The essence of our concept is to restore the greatest value of the area, ie the antique building of the sanatorium built in 1927 and the 3.5-hectare park with ancient trees. When designing the location of the new buildings, our main goal was to ensure intimacy for the apartments and to maximize view and sunlight at the same time. The additions to the reborn protected building and the surrounding new villas were designed according to contemporary architecture. This is nourished by local values, the details of the buildings are contemporary interpretations of the old elements: loggias, façade layouts, and ornaments evoke the world of neighboring holiday hotels and Swabian villas in today’s language. We believe that this harmonious ensemble of old and new results a timeless design.

The renovated ground floor public areas of the main building, the garden pavilion formed from the former spa treatment building, and the huge garden with special landscape architectural features will be unique and exclusive elements of the investment.


Location: Budapest, XII. district, Hungary   
Function: residential 
Phase: under construction
Type: commission
Client:  White Star Real Estate 
Architecture: TIBA Építész Stúdió
Lead Architects:   Zoltán Király, Tamás Niczki DLA
Concept Design:  Viktória Honti, Anita Mester, Tamás Niczki DLA
Building permit and construction documents

Zsófia Buzder-Lantos, Diána Csépányi, Mónika Darida, Roxána Haraszti, Viktória Honti, Dániel Kócsó (co-project architect), Márton Perge, Zoltán Virágh

Design: 2018-
Gross floor area:  107 residence