Danubius Thermal Hotel Margitsziget - Spa & Healthcare Refurbishment

The 8 storeyed hotel - built in 1979 on Margaret Island - has been renovated in several stages. Renovation of the rooms and corridors has been followed since 2015 by the renovation of the lobby, event and conference rooms, and the Spa&Healthcare foyer. Surrounded by the greenery of Margaret Island, this spa and wellness hotel enjoys a special location in the heart of the city, yet in a peaceful natural setting. The modernist building with its large glass surfaces and terraces allows the view of nature into the interiors. The facade reflects the environment using natural and noble materials.

During the renovation - keeping the original golden anodized color of the profiles – the windows were replaced with thermal insulated tall windows, which greatly improve the energy efficiency of the building and increase the transparency of the building, emphasizing its relationship with the environment. 

Through the renovation process of the spa & healthcare section, it was important to create a separate entrance for each function of the hotel. Thus, the approach to the rooms and the restaurant was placed on the side, facing the Danube river, the entrance to the event halls, and the medical space was placed on the side facade, with a separate entrance for the spa & healthcare from the foyer. Guests are greeted by a living room alike space with a reception area, a waterfall wall, and products on the wall-mounted shelves. From this space, the pool-spa part can be accessed through the changing rooms, and the medical examination rooms, the medical treatment rooms, and a physiotherapy hall can be reached on a separate passage. The stairs lead to additional medical examination rooms and a fitness center upstairs.

The interior design concept of the medical foyer was created by Sütő Interior Architects.



Location:: Budapest, Margaret Island, Hungary
Function: hotel, medical lobby, examiners
Phase: built
Type: commission
Client: Danubius Hotels Zrt.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio, Sütő Interior Architects
Project architect: Zsófia Buzder-Lantos
Architects: Veronika Hajas 
Design: 2015-2017
Construction: 2018
Gross floor area: 450 m2