Villa Tolnay Winery

The Villa Tolnay winery operates on a vineyard once owned by Klári Tolnay, at the foot of Csobánc. Our task was to preserve and renovate and expand the old building with additional technological spaces, and to renovate and expand the residential house on the adjacent plot.

The backbone of the basic concept was the distinction between the old and the new.  The use of materials in the new parts of the building was dominated by environmental motifs such as the use of wicker and basalt on the facades, evoking vines and basalt organs in the nearby mountains.


Location:: Gyulakeszi, Hungary
Function: hotel, retail
Phase: concept design
Type: commission
Client: Villa Tolnay Borház Kft.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architect: János Tiba 
Architect: Gergely Kovács
Design: 2007
Gross floor area: 500 m2