The Hub

Our main approach was to create a sustainable and people-oriented office building that was efficient, economic, and meets the highest workplace design requirements. The concept was to design a straightforward building volume that uses simple yet intelligent architectural inventions to reduce construction and maintenance costs, avoids complicate and expensive MEP systems. Thanks to this attitude we could concentrate on what really matters, on our commitment to build a state-of-the-art, healthy, and functional workspace. A unique circulation core is in the middle of the building that also acts as a social focal point. It rationalizes circulation, simplifies tenant area divisions, and with its sculpturesque staircase invites to move. This unique feature becomes the market differentiator for this multi-tenant office building.

Location: Budapest, XIII. district, Hungary
Function: office, retail
Phase: concept design
Type: invited competition
Client:  Raiffeisen Property Management Ingatlanforgalmazó Kft. (RPM KFT.)
Architecture: TIBA Építész Stúdió
Project Architects:   Balázs Beczner, Zoltán Király, Tamás NIczki
Design team:  Zita Csányi, Áron Fekete, Gyula Végh, Zoltán Virágh,                Márton Zádori 
Design: 2019
Gross floor area:  20.700 m2