Private residence - Solymár

The main concept was to maximize the view by placing the building on the upper part of the plot. The house is divided into three levels: the lowest part is for arrival with garage and service functions, the ground floor is the main living area, and the first floor is the family's intimate zone with bedrooms, spa, terrace, and outdoor pool.

The entrance is a double-high space that spatially connects the lower and ground floors and provides interesting internal perspectives. Arriving in the main living space, the magnificent Pilis panorama is revealed through huge openings. This experience was emphasized by placing perpendicularly this building mass on the slope and with wide glass sliding doors. At the same time, this living space also looks to the south, to sunny patios with direct kitchen and dining area connections. The ground floor mass architecturally behaves as part of the terrain, it slides into the slope of the mountain and the vegetation runs on top of it. The architectural character of the top level is different, it has a sculptural mass with a natural slate cladding.

Location:: Solymár, Hungary
Function: residential
Phase: building permit
Type: commission
Client: confidential
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architects: János Tiba, Tamás Niczki
Gross floor area: 550 m2