GREE Electrical Appliances Hungary Headquarters

The Hungarian representative of Gree Group, the Cool4U Kft. - based in Szarvas – is willing to set up a prestigious, high quality, and environmentally conscious office building in Szarvas - bordered by Arborétum street, Ciprus Liget, the bank of Szarvasi-Holt-Körös and Route 44. - which fits the European standards in all respects.

The building form respects the group of protected mocsárciprus (Taxodium distichum) trees on the site. Its eastern facade follows the Szarvasi-Holt-Körös line next to the site. The municipal-owned coastal promenade is integrated into the development by landscape elements. Creating and ensuring a relaxed and green work environment is a priority. The building's modest formation and sophisticated use of materials faithfully reflect their purpose and contemporary architecture.

The planned office building is ground floor + 1 floor with an extensive green roof. The necessary car parking places and bicycle racks will be built on the surface. The main entrance, offices, mechanical areas, meeting rooms, and a cafe, open to the public, will be on the ground floor.

Location: Szarvas
Function: office
Phase: built
Type: commission
Client: Cool4U Kft.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio 
Lead Architects: Bozsik Zoltán, Király Zoltán
Architect Designers: Balázs Beczner, Gábor Boronkay, Zoltán Kalászi, Juli Kéri, Áron Fekete, Dávid Szmetana
Design: 2019
Construction: 2020-2022
Gross floor area: 1314 m2