Graphisoft G-H buildings

The concept plan for the office buildings designed for the wedge-shaped part of Graphisoft park towards the K-bridge was made for the buildings, serving as the southern gate of the beautifully designed park. While designing we took into consideration the river panorama and made a sun path study to make most of the narrow plot. The resulting building was divided into four masses or two pairs of masses that were connected through the ground level and the underground garage. Due to the proportions of the plot, we placed garages + ground floor + 3 storeys buildings parallel to the Danube. The area opened as a playground and bicycle point in the southern part of the park and the higher building -  appearing as a gate between the office buildings -, was placed perpendicular to the others, with a passage on the ground. The western natural climate facade from the city side protects the offices opened towards the Danube from traffic noise and dust. Loggias with a fragmented floor plan also provide facade shading in addition to ensure the view and good lighting.

Location:: Budapest, III. district
Function: office
Phase: concept design
Type: invited competition
Client: Graphisoft Park South II. Development Kft.
Architecture: TIBA Architects Studio
Project architect: Tamás Niczki
Architects: Zsófia Buzder-Lantos, Zoltán Kalászi, Anita Mester
Design: 2017
Gross floor area: 25 880 m2