Liget Center Vitrum

In 1998, we were part of the team of architects who had the chance to work on the renovation of one of the country's most famous and recognized modern monuments. That was the former MÉMOSZ headquarters, now Liget Center at Dózsa György út. 

Now, to our great pleasure, after more than two decades, the entire renovation of the building complex can be completed by reviving the Auditorium, and the composition will also be completed with a modest new annex.

Next to the existing building, which follows modern architectural principles and is built from simple geometric shapes, an annex with a log mass that fits into the system was added. With this installation, a private inner courtyard takes shape, which is protected from the noise of the surrounding roads. The facade triangle is a geometric pattern element, created from the resolution of the square and column that appears on the existing building annexes. But the dynamic change of individual components gives the building a uniform, ethereal appearance. This exclusive jewelry box is mysteriously hidden behind the listed building from the eyes of passers-by.


Location: Budapest, VI. district, Hungary   
Function: office
Phase: under construction
Type: commission
Client:  Wing Ingatlanfejlesztő Zrt.
Architecture: TIBA Építész Stúdió
Project Architects:   Zoltán Király, Zoltán Bozsik 
Architect Designers: Gergely Asztalos, Zita Csányi, Mónika Darida, Kíra Miljanovits, Ágnes Jobbágy, Georgina Szenes
Design: 2019-
Gross floor area:  2820 m2